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SRT vibration at 1500 rpm

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Wondering if anyone else has noticed this - 2010 SRT Challenger 6.1 ofcourse with 6 speed Tremec - at 1500 RPM there is an intermittent vibration - not consistent - if you hold the engine speed the vibration (minor) kind of throbs on and off. Like I said it it minor but I do wonder whether it is inherent and common or if it is an indication of something on my car. I had noted a kind of vibration early on - but since I have now characterized it I notice it all the time - not even enough of a vibration to be annoying or for anyone else to ever comment on as a passenger but enough to make me wonder is something just slightly out of balance / round / true rotation that is going to come apart at 6000 rpm some day. The frequency of the on / off throbbing Is not somehting I can relate to anything - like maybe a 1 hertz - once per second on / off / on cycle of vibration regardless of vehicle speed - from standing still to 100 km / hr in 6th.
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It occurred to me the other day I really only notice this minor vibration when the engine is NOT under load - only when decellerating or running level or standing still - which tells me it is not likely a base mechanical issue

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If it happens at a stand-still, then the dealer should be able to locate it fairly easily. Demonstrate the vibration for the technician.
No case histories or TSB's for this vibration.
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