Allpar has been covering Chrysler Corporation, Chrysler Group, and Fiat Chrysler Automobiles (FCA) since 2001. You can contact Allpar with  the contact form . 

Allpar Publisher Emeritus: David Zatz
David Zatz created and ran from 1998 to 2018 (based on a site he had begun in 1993-94), after years of writing reviews for retail trades and creating the Usenet Chrysler newsgroup.

Before making Allpar a full-time career, he was a consultant in organizational psychology, leading to his research and change and Mac statistics software sites. Dr. Zatz has written for trade journals and HRMagazine, and has been quoted by Business Week, the Rockford Register Star,  USA Today , the  Detroit  News , the  New York Times , and the U.K.’s  Daily Telegraph . You can reach him via Allpar’s contact form .
Staff Writer: Patrick Rall
Patrick Rall was raised a Mopar boy, racing a Dodge Mirada while working his way through college.  After spending a few years in tax accounting, Patrick made the jump to the journalism. His work has been published in magazines and websites around the world.

During his time spent covering the entire automotive industry, Patrick has sharpened his knowledge on everything Mopar.  Patrick has owned Mopars from the 1970s, 80s, 90s, and 2000s, ranging from turbocharged front- and all-wheel drive models to a built Ram pickup.  For Patrick, covering the Mopar galaxy is far more than a job - it is about a love of the Chrysler Group brands. You can reach him via Allpar’s contact form .
Staff Writer: Bill Cawthon
Bill Cawthon grew up in the auto industry in the 1950s. His father worked for Chrysler, and Bill spent a number of Saturdays on the plant floor at Dodge Main. In addition to news and analysis for Allpar, he is the U.S. market correspondent for the British auto industry trade magazine .

Bill has owned five Plymouths (including the only 1962 "Texan"), one Dodge, and one Chrysler. He also has owned at least one of every 1:87 scale model of a Chrysler product.

Bill and Marge Cawthon live outside of Houston, Texas. They have four children and four grandchildren.

You can reach him via Allpar’s contact form .
Racing Contributor: Dan Bennett
Raised in a Mopar only home, Dan has also been Mopar only. From ’60s, ’70s, and ’80s muscle to SRTs, Dan has owned, and in many cases raced, each of the Mopar brands.

Dan also works as a “parts guy" at a dealership,  and is a musician, computer geek/gamer, avid reader, and general all around seeker of knowledge. His working career  has been spent in the parts industry, starting in the aftermarket, and now at the dealership level; he has also been a jewelry designer and salesman, and even though he won a design award for a piece, his true calling, automotive, won out in the end.

Dan’s has written articles or appeared in Mopar Muscle, Sport Truck, and Truckin’. In forums and social media, he has made a name for himself as the "Go-to" guy for Mopar tech information. He also has a large background in many forms of racing and  engine building, holding at one point a ASE Certified Master Engine Machinist rating.  To Dan, there is no option to covering the Mopar world, it is an  imperative that must be done to keep his world in balance.

You can reach him via Allpar’s contact form .

News Editor Emeritus: Chris Vander Doelen
Chris Vander Doelen was Opinion Editor and columnist of The Windsor Star until December, 2016, and news editor of Allpar from November 2017 to February 2018.

Chris was the Star's automotive reporter and columnist for seven years, and had also covered the political and gambling beats. With his wife, Veronique Mandal, he wrote the book Chasing Lightning (1999). Chris won a National Newspaper Award in 1997 and more than a dozen provincial news awards. There is a Chrysler 300 in his driveway.
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