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Stampings on 360 magnum crate motors

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Looking to purchase a 97 Ram 1500. The owner claims the original motor was replaced with a new crate motor 60k (miles) ago. However he has no paperwork proving it. He has only put 15K on the truck. Im aware that the stampings are on the left driver side of the block on a factory Dodge motor (correct me if Im wrong). Are they in the same place for a crate motor. Is it visible from the fenderwell? And if they are what numbers should I be looking for to confirm his claims? Im really looking for signs to determine if its a new crate motor not just the old one cleaned up other than the obvious signs such as a Jasper decal or something. He says the number can be googled to show it is recently purchased/installed/manufactured. Any tips would be helpful.

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Contacting MOPAR Performance might get you the information you need if it's one of their crates.
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