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Starter connector

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00 Ram Van 5.2L vin Y

The small 1 pin starter control connector had got water and junk in it. When I took it off and cleaned it out, the connector push latch broke. Van starts fine now with it cleaned, but the connector won't stay on without that latch part working. Ghetto rigged with zip ties for now, but don't know how long that will hold.

Is there anywhere I can get just that connector? There's no close junkyards with a Ram Van, and ordering a used one from a far, may be just as brittle as this one was. Ebay and aftermarket part stores no luck. I emailed dealer, but I'm guessing it will only come as the whole starter harness, and probably be around $150

Either that, or has anyone just bypassed this and connected it like a normal starter, like eyelet on stud post if that's possible?