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Starting Dynasty

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I have a 1990 Dodge Dynasty 3.0 This is not a big problem but I'm curious why it takes more cranking when the engine is warm than when cold.
It will start immediatley most mornings, but when it's been driven and warmed up it seems like it's maybe not getting gas when I try to start it.
If I stop cranking it and then try again it starts. So it starts faster when warm if I turn it over for a couple of seconds then stop and turn it over again. Why would this be happening?
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Engines like a richer mixture when cold but not so much when warm, so the problem may be too much fuel (rich) instead of too little.
If you hold the gas pedal down slightly during a hot restart does that help faster starting? Dirty throttle bodies or leaking fuel pressure regulators/injectors can cause these problems.
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