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Starting Problem

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Well, I have an 1986 Dodge Aries LE. 2.2 lit. I do not use my car regularly. And I disconnect the battery negative cable. I have not changed the oil for more that a year. The engine will not start. It crank very slowly like a dying battery. I jumped it with my Dakota (engine running) still, it crank slowly and the voltage drop. Jumper cable is warm. I swapped the starter to make sure. Clean all the connectors and to the battery. Still no effect. There is no clicking sound. When I took out the sparkplugs and cranked the engine, there is movement. I'm sure the engine has not seized.

Is there a problem anywhere else I should look for? Could be the cable from positive to the starter?
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It sounds to me like you have a poor connection from a battery terminal (connector) to the wire that is crimped to that connector. After you crank, check those battery terminal connectors for any heat. If one is warm then you have a high resistance connection. It won't matter whether you are jumping the battery or just using your old battery. If a wire terminal has high resistance, the starter won't get enough voltage to spin it sufficiently to start the engine.

To repair, you can either buy a new cable (preferred), or cut the wire off the old cable, strip the insulation back, and install it on a new battery terminal connector.

Note that the problem could also be a short within the starter. See if the battery terminals get hot first and if they don't, remove the starter and get it tested at your local auto parts store.
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