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You could go cut a radio harness from a car at the junkyard if you have to.
I don't have a way to scan a factory service manual here.
You could look at the connectors on your other Daytona if they haven't been hacked.

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From the 1992 FSM:

Looking at the rear of the radio, the left (gray) connector is as follows:

pink (memory/battery backup)
red/blk (ignition feed)
org (radio dimmer)
yel/blk (headlight dimmer)
dk blu/red (right front neg speaker)
brn/red (left front neg speaker)

black connector, left to right viewed from the rear of the radio:

dk bl/org (right rear neg speaker)
brn/lt blu (left rear neg speaker)
vio (right front pos speaker)
dk grn (left front pos speaker)
dk blu/wht (right rear pos speaker)
brn/yel (left rear pos speaker)
lg/red (power antenna)

ground stud wire is bk/dg
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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