A 2018 Dodge Challenger SRT Demon recently headed to the Johnny Bohmer Proving Grounds to see how fast it could get moving on a long, top speed run. Bohmer operates on the Space Florida Shuttle Landing Facility runway on Merritt Island in South Florida, offering more than three miles of perfectly flat, perfectly straight pavement. This is the perfect location for a 2018 Demon (or any other vehicle) to find its true top speed and last year, one of the 840-horsepower Mopar muscle cars hit 203 miles per hour.

This time, the Demon driver has a little more room to run, allowing the 4,300-pound, supercharged beast to reach 211 miles per hour. Like all Bohmer runs, this Challenger stormed down the shuttle runway with the company’s on-board recording system, capturing the in-car video footage with some key metrics including vehicle speed, acceleration forces, the run time, the date and the time of day.

Track Information

The runway used by the Johnny Bohmer Proving Grounds measures 3.22-miles long (17,000 feet), but the official length of the testing area is 2.7-miles long, with about a half-mile of slow-down area and the majority of the runway is concrete. The track is about 8 feet over sea level and from one end to the other, there is only a change in elevation of about a quarter of an inch. It doesn’t get much closer to flat than a quarter-inch of change over three miles.

The run in this video was made at 3pm on March 9 th , 2019, with air temperature of 78.8F, a surface temperature of 93F and 61% humidity, so it could have been cooler, but the air conditions were pretty good for this run.

Demon Hits 211

The video begins with a look at the Demon at rest, followed by a wicked burnout before the 840-horsepower Challenger made its big run. We watch the Demon launch and struggle for traction from trackside, but the video quickly jumps inside, where we can watch the run with all of the key information on display. Most importantly, we can watch the vehicle speed climb.

It takes the Demon about 7 seconds to get to 60, 11 seconds to get to 100, 19 seconds to get to 150 and 41 seconds to hit 200. Really, the Challenger pulls hard past 150, but the climb from 150-up proves to be time consuming with the added wind forces. However, after hitting 200, the Demon keeps on pulling and at the 58-second mark, the Demon hits 211 miles per hour. Just after hitting 211, we see the car blast past a series of orange cones that likely mark the end of the 2.7-mile course.

That is a 4,280-pound Dodge muscle car in street-legal form accelerating from a stop to 211 miles per hour in just under a minute. Mind you, this is in a car that comes from the factory limited to 168 miles per hour, but the race gas PCM and the full 840-horsepower output allows this monster to reach well into the top speed range of supercars that weight much less and cost much more.