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Strange Engine Problem. '92 Caravan w/ 3.3 V6 Engine

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92 Caravan with a 3.3. Put another engine in it nearly a year ago. After nearly a thousand miles on it, then it started cutting out when turning a corner. Never waiting for light. Well, in town and it died and could not start it. Had to call flatbed and haul it home. This morning, decided to crack it to see if fuel pump was working. Car started,but cracking was noisy, like something I never heard before. I let engine idle for about one minute and lifters were chattering like they were not getting oil. Checked and oil one quart down. It should not make lifters chatter.

Had oil pressure, good oil pressure, according to gauge. Why lifters were noisy is rather strange. Sure would appreciate any help on this one. Thanks very much!