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When starting this engine cold it fires right up and purrs like a kitten...for about a minute to a minute and a half. Then, for about a minute to a minute and a half it misses, hesitates and stumbles under acceleration. Then, it smoooths out and runs fine the rest of the time it is being driven. When started warm, this does not happen. Upon cold start it happens in warm weather, cold weather, dry weather, damp weather. There is no Check Engine Light indicated and there is no other issue with the performance of the engine.

Since the issue occurs with such regularity and always with the same intervals, I am inclined to believe there is a computer command utilized in the cold start sequence that is responsible for this issue. Does anyone know the exact computer sequence utilized by this engine at startup and for the first few minutes of run time?

My first thought was a sensor failure of some sort, but I would expect a CEL if that were the source of the abnormality.

Any thoughts or experiences similar to this?

Thanks in advance for any helpful input.

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