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I needed some new seats for the family' 1990 Sundance, all the yard had were 4 door style seats. I just happen to remember how cool an old turbo Lebaron's seat looked last summer; I saw a older LeBaron in route to the Shadow/Sundance area, so I walked over to examine the relic.

The color was covers, they weren't the cleanest..."Little Green Machine". So I pushed back the rasberries and emancipaated a couple large spiders. These seats feel pretty good.

I worked their purchase in with my most recent deal. I explained to my daughter how we would undoughtably need to remove the LeBaron rails and install the Sundances but low and behold, I sat the whole LeBaron setup in to just for fun see how different they were. Oh my g, the holes lined up perfect. I still didn't expect the driver's side to fit but once again my surprise was inflamed.

In conclusion; the bolt holes all lined up perfect. There 2 differences of note: 1) the plastic rail covers from the Sundance didn't line up well enough for reuse, and 2) the reason why, the Lebaron seat rails are something close to 1.5"s lower. Now my 6' son is completely comfortable in the front seat (no more knees to the dash) and my daughter is tickled by how much better the steering wheel hieght works for her.
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No surprise, all these cars use the same basic floor pan. LeBaron sure did have nicer optional seats than the lower line cars.
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