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Strange oil leak, resolved but confused

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So after doing my first solo head gasket swap I noticed some ticking a few days after I finally got it running. I thought it was from a bad bearing in the serpentine belt tensioner but on a hunch I decided to check my oil. Bone dry, and after I inspected my parking spot I noticed some oil leaks. I inspected my running engine and noticed a fairly problematic leak coming from above the AC Compressor. I pulled that out and noticed the leak coming from where the engine block met the bracket?

I'm not well versed on engine parts so here comes the diagram.

(engine mount)---(engine bracket?)---(engine block just above oil pan)

There was a finger loose bolt where the engine bracket met the engine block, and when I tightened this up the oil leak stopped. For my own peice of mind, would this be the cause of an oil leak, a loose bolt? I wasn't aware that there was oil circulating behind the engine bracket, but then again I'm not aware of a lot of things. Can take a picture of leak when I return home if necessary. Thanks for any suggestions :)

PS - I know the damage that can be caused running a dry engine, and it was run for a very short amount of time. Drives well so I'm hopeful there wasn't any internal damage.
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This oil bolt thing has been noted a couple times over the years, not sure why it is that way, may simply be a bolt boss to mount the bracket that simply touches an oil passage, nobody seems to know exactly why it is that way. Best of luck with the low oil situation, if caught before it is down to the 2 quarts only level and the ticking is a lifter they are usually OK. I can't tell how many times I have run an engine low on oil over the decades and do that extra check when a lifter starts ticking without damage.
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