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Stratus clunking on acceleration

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Hi to all: I have an 02 Stratus R/T sedan 2.7 with the 5 speed manual. Just tonight I was driving home and in third gear at about 2500 rpms I hit the gas to move around another car and their was an audible clunk in the front. I am having no suspension clunking over bumps etc but I can reproduce this clunking in 2nd gear at only 1800RPM too so it doesn't take a lot of torque to make it happen. Do any of you know what might be causing this? I was thinking of an engine mount, the car has 114000 miles and I do drive it! Have any of you had a Stratus do a sound like this. I have 2 of them but haven't heard this in the other one I have so who knows. Anything to look for or a procedure to look into. Thanks for any and all help you may be able to offer!
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I had a chance to put some miles on it today and it seems to be in the front and almost in the center. It doesn't pop or clunk when I turn the steering wheel when moving or not.It doesn't clunk over bumps either like a sway bar bushing/link problem, all seems tight that way. I have to really stab the gas to get it to do it but it is defiantly associated with engine torque. Also seems to not be as evident today as it was yesterday. We got a lot of rain yesterday and the roads where wet, today it is dry and it takes a lot more to make it pop. Basically what I need to do to make this thing pop is put it in second gear around 20-25 and above and floor it and then let off, that will make it do it, third gear the same kind of deal but 4th and 5th, not enough torque to make the sound. I really have to wonder if it is a CV shaft or an engine mount. Does that seems to maybe be something? This all just started yesterday.It did get cold again too and is today also, highs of 40F. Was going to take a look at it tonight. Thanks for any and all help!
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