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The Streetmaster would probably be very good on the 318 given it has slightly smaller ports, something that can be good compared to the performer stamped 318/360, the larger ports don't match as well for a 318 and even though larger intake ports, the mismatch is worse at lower rpm. There is about a quarter inch taller ports on the 360, which makes an interference in flow on the 318 you don't need or want. As far as a mild cam goes, the 318 does come alive with a 340 or 360 grind, stock 318 is around .398 to .410 lift, the 340 and 360 falls in around .430 to .440 lift, enough to wake a 318 up quite a bit. Another good one is what is called an RV cam. About the same lift as the 340/360 cam and just a hair more exhaust duration.
1 - 1 of 3 Posts
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