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Does the 99 Plymouth Voyager have a dummy alarm for when the headlights are left on? if so mine is not working, anyone know how this is repaired? It's been driving me nuts for awhile because the battery keeps getting drained when accidently left on.
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If the lights are on, there should be a chime when the driver's door is opened. I'm not sure if the chime is a separate module or built into the body computer though.
It is the same chime module used for seat belts and key-in.
It won't continue dinging if you close the drivers door with the headlamps on, so you need to catch yourself if you hear it when exiting the vehicle.
It may be part of the BCM or on the back of the cluster c/board.
I hear no chime when the door is opened...maybe it's the door switch.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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