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I have a 2001 PT Cruiser with about 128,000 miles. Sunroof will not close, it moves about one thrid then stops. I have disconnected from the roof, can see nothing in the track to stop it. The motor sounds like it does not have the torque to push it any further. Any ideas or suggestions? Has anyone had a similiar problem ? Has anyone replaced the motor for the sunroof?

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Welcome to Allpar. I would think that if it binds in a particular area of travel, then the motor is OK and the cable spool and transport is the problem. It is like servicing a regular power window with binding linkage.
The headliner will have to come down and back and the sunroof assembly can then be removed and placed on a bench for diagnosis and service. You can power it up with 12 volts to see exactly where the binding is occurring.
The dealer probably only services these as a complete sunroof assembly, but you may still be able to service some small parts. They were provided to Chrysler from another manufacturer, but getting help or parts from them is probably useless.
Certain years had a TSB to replace sunroof drive cables and I will try to find it.
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