Earlier this week, Marc Heidings took his 2018 Dodge Challenger SRT Demon to Bradenton Motorsports Park with the hopes of turning a new personal best. He did, and in the process, he ran a better quarter mile time than any supercharged example of the modern Demon. Heidings and his Curt Dusterhoff-tuned Mopar monster turned in the second-quickest quarter mile time ever by a Challenger Demon, coming just short of the overall record held by Leah Pritchett in the carbon fiber bodied, twin turbocharged Demon.

Heidings laid down an 8.634 at 159.01 miles per hour, missing Pritchett’s record of 8.60 by less than a half-tenth of a second. However, with Heidings white car having the original Demon body, a Demon engine block and the original Demon IHI supercharger, some Mopar fans are more interested in this record than the number turned in by the carbon fiber-and-twin turbo Demon.

Heidings’ Dodge Demon

As you might have guessed, Marc Heidings’ 2018 Dodge Challenger SRT Demon is not stock. As mentioned above, it has the original engine block, supercharger and many other components, but there is a long mod list. A stroker kit from Better Built has lifted the engine displacement from 6.2 liters to 7.0 liters – or 426 cubic inches. The engine also features ThiTek-modified cylinder heads, a custom Comp Cams camshaft, FI Interchillers supercharger spacers, a High Horse Performance 105-millimeter throttle body,a  Fore triple pump fuel system and ARH headers. Also, while the body of the 2.7-liter IHI supercharger is stock, the snout and bearing plate have both been ported by Jokers Performance and it is fitted with a 2.85 upper pulley. An ATI 10% lower pulley is also installed to help increase boost levels.

Finally, the Hemi is fitted with a Nitrous Outlet plate kit system with 100-horsepower jets for the record run. All engine and transmission tuning has been handled by Curt Dusterhoff, who has tuned a handful of the quickest Hellcats and Demons in the racing world.

This 2018 Dodge Demon has the stock transmission, but to help it sound power to the ground more safely and efficiently, this Mopar monster features a Driveshaft Shop 9-inch rear differential with a spooled 3.25 gear, a carbon fiber driveshaft, high strength axles, a Holeshot 15-inch wheel setup from Carlyle Racing and Mickey Thompson Pro Radials measuring 316/60/15. Other upgrades include 17-inch Billet Specialties front wheels, AAD upper front arms, Spohn lower control arms, a Darrel Cox Racing lightweight battery and a custom built roll cage that is certified to 8.50. That cage and the parachute setup were provided by Southern Chassis Works in Naples, Florida and while Dusterhoff handled the tuning, Heidings did most of the mechanical work himself.

Setting the Supercharger Record

In the video below, Marc Heidings drives his 2018 Dodge Demon to the quickest elapsed time run by any modern Demon with a supercharger. Leah Pritchett ran an 8.60 with a twin turbo Demon, but some people frown upon that record since it was run with twin turbos rather than with a production-style supercharger. That car also has an aftermarket body and one of the world’s quickest drivers.

On the other hand, this Demon has the stock body, stock engine block, stock supercharger and stock transmission. Even among Demons with aftermarket superchargers, none have run as quickly as Heidings’ 8.634. Considering that this car ran an 8.634 on a 100-shot, a little extra nitrous should allow Heidings to run a quicker time than Pritchett.

Update: We have received quite a few questions already about the car driven by Leah Pritchett compared to this Challenger. That Demon, built by Gearhead Fabrications, had a stock Demon engine, with a twin turbo kit replacing the supercharger setup and it was not running nitrous. It also had a stock transmission, differential, suspension and interior.

In short, the 8.60 car had the carbon fiber body (that we are being told doesn't cut as much weight as you would expect) along with a twin turbo kit while this 8.63 car has a stroker build, nitrous, some stronger drive line parts some extra boost from the stock supercharger.

On his current record run, Marc Heidings pulls a 60-foot time of 1.29, leading to an 8 th mile time and speed of 5.58 at 128.19 miles per hour. The car continued to pull hard through the top end traps, stopping the timer with an 8.634 at 159.01 miles per hour. He points out that while his Demon is obviously making great power, it wouldn’t have meant anything without the quality track prep by the crew at Bradenton.


So, until Heidings runs a quicker time, his Challenger is currently the second-quickest Demon in the world while being the quickest with a supercharger. Crank up your speakers and enjoy!