The much-rumored 6.2 Hemi will be pushed back until next year, debuting in the 2015 SRT Challenger when it debuts on its new “LA” platform, according to reliable source oh20. The platform change from Challenger’s current LC setup was spurred by the availability of the eight-speed automatic, which reportedly won’t fit into Challenger as it stands. The Challenger continues to use the Mercedes-design WA580 transmission.

Ralph Gilles said that the 2015 Challenger will debut in March 2014, at the LX Club’s Springfest in California. It will then meet the mainstream media in New York City in April 2014, at which point all the official statistics will likely be unveiled.  Production is not slated until July 2014, and given the status of many recent projects, may be delayed until August or September 2014. Even after production starts, availability will be limited for months.

In addition, Mr. Gilles reported that Barracuda would appear in two years, confirming Allpar’s prior reporting that it would be the “mystery SRT” slated for 2016 in the most recent plan. Though there has been no confirmation of this, we believe the Barracuda will not be a version of Challenger, but a completely different car, sharing powertrains but on the new D-RWD platform shared with Alfa Romeo. Chrysler-Fiat CEO Sergio Marchionne has publicly said that the Alfa would not be possible without the Dodge to spread the investment; it is possible that we may see the first divergence of names here, if they keep the Avenger name for the Dodge and use Barracuda for the SRT. It seems more likely, though, that we may see the first Dodge Barracuda.

Names have migrated brands in the past, with Chrysler Laser moving to Plymouth Laser (completely different cars), Plymouth Prowler becoming a Chrysler, Plymouth Voyager sold in Europe as Chrysler Voyager, and Plymouth Satellite Sebring eventually re-appearing as Chrysler Sebring (completely different cars).