Chris Doane caught a mule powered by a supercharged Hemi engine — the fabled “Hellcat” 6.2 liter V8 — doing practice acceleration runs. The video has been posted on Allpar’s Hellcat engines page .

The new engine, reputed to be boasting over 600 horsepower, is rumored to be in line for use in the SRT Challenger and Charger alone. In Challenger, it would be available with Viper’s manual transmission or (possibly with a power reduction) the ZF eight-speed automatic; in Charger, the automatic would be the sole transmission.

Cars with the new engine would not be priced anywhere near the current 6.4 liter-powered SRT cars, given the engineering expenses for the small number expected to be made; they will, though, likely be priced in the same range as their Shelby and General Motors counterparts. One insider commented that Chrysler might have been late to the high-numbers muscle race, but as in 1969-71, they are likely to dominated it.

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