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T Top headache

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does anyone know where i could find some new seals fot my chrysler cordoba t tops? the seal to the door is good but everything else is pretty much toast. also need all new door seals for her too... can anyone help?
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This stuff has been almost impossible to find for the past several years and will probably be pretty expensive when you do find it. The best you can do is get a list of the t-top seal part numbers (I may have this at home, not sure) and search eBay, and any other obsolete parts services. None of the t-top seals are reproduced. As far as the felt (rather than the rubber) you may want to look this over:

I beleive the window seals are reproduced for non-top cars which may be be of some value if you can modify them for the t-top window seals.

I have pretty much decided when my 1979 Cordoba is back on the road, it will be a fair weather car only. The seals are decent but it still leaks a bit.
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