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Temporary Exhaust Fix?

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Over the winter, the pipe that goes under the driver's side rear door on my Spirit decided to rot out. I'm looking to replace the entire exhaust system anyways this summer with a bigger system, but I can't do that until I get back to work and start getting paid again, so it probably won't happen until mid-July. I understand that I can't replace just the pipe because the exhaust has welded/corroded itself together. My problem is I'm 99% sure that the car won't pass MA inspection with a bad exhaust. I don't want to drop $100 plus on an exhaust that I would be taking back out in less than three months and scrapping, so is there anything I can put over the hole that will stay on for a couple of months and get the car to pass inspection? Like I said, this is a temporary fix until I can get the bigger exhaust in. I have no intentions of keeping the bandaid on there for the long term.
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It's very possible that any temporary repair will make some noise, will be spotted and will fail. One thing you can try is to get some galvanized steel from the Depot or Lowe's (2x3 foot sheet is about $6), cut a repair section, wrap it around with gobs of JB Weld Industrial epoxy (rated to 500F) and it may bind for long enough to get you through. Make sure to wrap it tight and seal all areas where any exhaust gas can leak. Check by placing your hand to the exhaust right after a cold start and feel for leaks.

Or do a proper repair and get some flexible exhaust tubing and two clamps at Autozone, cut out and splice the bad section. This is a better solution.
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