According to Real Fast Fotography, which supplied the photo below, this Jeep Cherokee is busily testing the new Hurricane turbocharged four-cylinder engine , based on FCA’s “GME” engine series. A standard and turbocharged GME will replace the current “World Gas Engines,” as well as some Pentastar V6 engines.


The normal Cherokee’s headlamps appear to have been replaced by sensors, which also appear in a revised bumper. The lower portion of the grille is also rather different from current production Cherokees.  Some wires are clearly dangling from the engine bay.

The rear of the car is the same as production cars. It’s possible that the pictured car gives some hints as to the next-generation Cherokee, but it’s more likely that changes were made for testing the new engines.

The Hurricane will most likely debut in the Jeep Wrangler; Alfa Romeo has a 276 horsepower version now, but the two engines are quite different. Alfa Romeo has a closed deck design, Chrysler an open deck; they will be made in different foundries; and their turbocharging systems will likely be different.

The Cherokee currently has a choice of the 184 horsepower four and a 271 horsepower V6.  The Hurricane should be able to at least come close to the V6 power ratings, and may beat them.