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TFL''s first look at the Hornet R/T

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They had to be careful about not giving any actual "driving" impressions yet. And I find it interesting that this "fully optioned" one had non ventilated Alcantara seats indtead of ventilated leather seats...and that it had a sunroof delete. I'm still interested but I also wonder just how fast the cash is going to pile up on the hood, maybe I should wait.

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It has like 280 hp and 350 or 380 tq in r/t form for a little crossover. Plus 30 mile electric range. Specs on paper look not bad. I feel like charger/challenger guys are giving their thoughts here. As long as quality control is kept on check and pricing is right whether it needs incentives at some point, it moves the bar in the mid size crossover market.
Heh, the smallest groups always talk the loudest: well over 10 million new car sales and yet the duo that could barely muster doing 150,000 units combined per year gets all the noise.... and people said dumb gimmicks wouldn't work anymore.
The Hornet is something I'd actually strive to own: a Charger or Challenger is extremely impractical in everything but their V6/AWD combo's. I'd rather Dodge go for a bigger market, it's product different from the rest, then them continue to act like we aren't about to hit the remix to the 70's gas crisis that helped kill off the original Challenger....
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Internal competition would make sense if Jeep already didn't want to fight itself with scenarios like the Renegade/Compass/Cherokee and commit to that for years.
The Compass/Tonale/Hornet could 100% share the same drivelines and hit different parts of the market with ease: the Tonale pretty much dances with Infiniti/Lexus/Acura, the Hornet tangles with the big players Toyota/Honda/Hyundai, and the Compass is right with the Bronco Sport in a group of its own.
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I'd straight up go elsewhere for cars in they merged Dodge and Ram back together.
The path Ram has taken, far more premium/luxury then Dodge could ever be, is the correct choice for a truck manufacturer that never had a shot at taking the sales crown from Ford (per single model line) or GM (for selling two on the same chassis).
Dodge is all about sport and the people, form SRT's and GLH's down to Caravan's and Neon's. Ram is a high riding, premium truck.
2 completely different goals. The previous D-series and early Rams were one thing.
The 4th gens changed that idea.
I can't wrap my head around that.... there's no way Ford made anywhere close to even 15% of that investment back from that chassis.... it's derived from a Mazda chassis, yet it still cost 6 billion dollars?
The only way that chassis made money was from the Jaguar X-Type, and at 350,000 units ever produced for that car, that had to be only like 10% at best.
Giorgio may not have made back its investment, but I bet ya if you compared the 2, Alfa made back more from Giorgio then Ford did the CDW27 chassis.
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