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TFL''s first look at the Hornet R/T

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They had to be careful about not giving any actual "driving" impressions yet. And I find it interesting that this "fully optioned" one had non ventilated Alcantara seats indtead of ventilated leather seats...and that it had a sunroof delete. I'm still interested but I also wonder just how fast the cash is going to pile up on the hood, maybe I should wait.

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The Video has been deleted but The Alcantara Seats are a option and Vented/Heated Seats are Standard on GT Plus, plus this is a First Drive meaning it could be Pre Production.
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I'd straight up go elsewhere for cars in they merged Dodge and Ram back together.
The path Ram has taken, far more premium/luxury then Dodge could ever be, is the correct choice for a truck manufacturer that never had a shot at taking the sales crown from Ford (per single model line) or GM (for selling two on the same chassis).
Dodge is all about sport and the people, form SRT's and GLH's down to Caravan's and Neon's. Ram is a high riding, premium truck.
2 completely different goals. The previous D-series and early Rams were one thing.
The 4th gens changed that idea.
Plus i wouldnt want the same Team working the Hornet to be alongside a 1500. Thats one benifit for splitting the 2 brands. Ram has its own CEO, its own design team, its own R&D.
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I agree. They could have updated the Journey to the CUSW platform in 2016 and it could have been built in Belvidere alongside the Cherokee. That would have allowed for the 9 speed auto and updated AWD system, and they could have even used the 3.2L as the V6 option, allotting more 3.6s to larger cars and SUVs. That would have also allowed for the updated dash, bigger touch screen/updated SAT NAV, Apple/Android car play, etc. Much like the PT Cruiser, it was simply built the same until the end and allowed to wither away and die, a remnant of the older styling cycle. :(

Obviously the Platform was not a good Platform fit for a Crossover (as it works best as a Minivan)
minus the suspension, would this be a SRT4 replacement since it really replaces the Da...Neon (Compact) and has over 280hp? i mean its no Civic Type R but then again there arent many Compact Performance crossovers.
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