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TFL''s first look at the Hornet R/T

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They had to be careful about not giving any actual "driving" impressions yet. And I find it interesting that this "fully optioned" one had non ventilated Alcantara seats indtead of ventilated leather seats...and that it had a sunroof delete. I'm still interested but I also wonder just how fast the cash is going to pile up on the hood, maybe I should wait.

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No amount of marketing will save it.
2 years from now it will be destroyed by ev.
My V8's are being restored and will be passed on to my grandchildren.
If they want old vars ..
Nobody will give a crap about the Hornet.
I agree...............dead on arrival.
To me, that's actually a GOOD thing.
See?...It's all a matter of perception.

Besides...Isn't the ICE set-up going to be eventually dropped anyway, and be replaced by a fully BEV version?
Not one bit of info on the Hornet.............99% of the commercial you don't even see the car.
Hornet will remain PHEV/BEV into the future.

The video told us nothing we didn't already know.

It was smart to wait until the PHEV version was available to launch the Hornet. FCA would have done it the other way and people would be scratching their heads.
What about the other 330 million people in the United States??????????????
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1 - 3 of 119 Posts