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TFL''s first look at the Hornet R/T

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They had to be careful about not giving any actual "driving" impressions yet. And I find it interesting that this "fully optioned" one had non ventilated Alcantara seats indtead of ventilated leather seats...and that it had a sunroof delete. I'm still interested but I also wonder just how fast the cash is going to pile up on the hood, maybe I should wait.

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good or bad i get Mazda vibes when looking at this.
To me, that's actually a GOOD thing.
See?...It's all a matter of perception.

Besides...Isn't the ICE set-up going to be eventually dropped anyway, and be replaced by a fully BEV version?
I like Mazda myself, so I don't mind either. I do see the push back mostly from the "classic muscle" crowd as it is a departure from that. But I truly believe Dodge can't survive on muscle alone and needs to expand into other types of performance.
And All of Horace and John Dodge's People said:
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Another voice heard from on the Hornet:
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I thought the caption above read “FIRST DODGE WITH A PUG!”

Meet Hornet.
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Don't tell me. Let me guess
You're middle aged, and have the accompanying eyes of a middle aged person, yes?

I would almost bet money on it. I should know...being somewhere between 40 and DEATH! :p:ROFLMAO::LOL:
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i am not looking to buy anything compact anytime soon, but I am excited dodge is filling out their line up.
and, as I understand, the rt will be the muscle car of the segment. it Looks to outperform its competition and hopefully do it in A fun and raucous manner. and hopefully this will lead towards a stable future. Remember how close this company was to death? it wasn’t that long ago, and there is a lot of recovery left to go

I assume you mean the FCA part. After all, the very solid financial position of Groupe PSA was probably the biggest factor in FCA's mad dash to the altar.

Yes...There is a lot of recovery left to go, and to me, the lion's share of it is cleaning up the hot steaming mess left behind by the FCA part!
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We can be happy that the Hornet and revised Compass are the last two mostly FCA vehicles for Dodge and Jeep.

The coming vehicles for Chrysler, Dodge and Jeep will all be on STLA platforms.

FCA powertrains (2.0T,
3.0T) will continue for a while.
Just wondering......If the marriage had taken place...say...two or three years earlier, ?Would the combined entity have bothered to continue development on the 3.0 Litre I-6, and instead just perform a few more tweaks...(direct injection, electric turbocharger, etc.) to the 3.6, and leave it at that? Could they have achieved significant cost savings?
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