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The 2013 SRT Viper from Dodge: Renderings from Allpar Readers

We thought you'd be interested in what Allpar readers and contributors have come up with in the year before the Viper was shown. Some of these are quite close to what is coming, and some are not so close.

As we predicted, the new Viper has a retuned 8.4 V10.

In mid-2010, Ralph Gilles said the 2013 Dodge Viper would use weight-saving expertise, materials, and technology (but not parts) from Ferrari, with a V-10 derived from the current 8.4L engine. Gilles said the Viper will always be V10 powered, but that there might be a V8 powered sibling (presumably along the lines of the once-proposed, Daimler-rejected Chrysler Firepower).









JackRatchett wrote about the silver rendering:

That is what appears to be under the front end camo. The grill appears to be the newer style Dodge but if you enlarge the center of the of it, you can see the two vertical bars are not open to the horizontal bars which seem to end there.

In the lower corners at each end there is a semi circle which would either be for fog lights or ACC (auto cruise control) unit, the reason the rendering has fog lights there is because nowhere else in the camo is there a separate screen for them, although they could possibly be integrated into the headlights.

The center air duct on the hood looks like the traditional style Viper air inlet; the two air inlets on either side do not appear to have the traditional louvers on them but that could be just the test units. Headlights in most shots have a two lens look but from some angles there is a third lens or maybe just a reflection making a third lens.

When looking at the fenders, the headlights are definitely on the outer sides as they curve in, and where the fenders meet the doors you can see the next Viper will not have as much of an extruding shape across the door but probably a gradual one. Many comments in posts suggest there will still be a side exhaust. The quarter panel in the rendering is a cross between the Aston Martin, Alfa Romeo, and Chrysler Firepower.

The Maserati Gran Turismo affair

While the Viper will not be based on a Ferrari or Alfa, Inside Line claimed that the Viper would be based on the Maserati GranTurismo. Our sources say something else - the next generation GranTurismo will be based on the Viper. We suspect that in reality this will be more like the Mercedes ML/Grand Cherokee: a joint development project resulting in two very different-feeling cars. There are quite probably Maserati people at Auburn Hills (or staying in Italy) working with Chrysler and McLaren people on the Viper and GranTurismo chassis engineering.

An alternative explanation comes from Dan Minick, who noted that "the Maserati M139 platform (Quattroporte/GranTurismo) is dimensionally similar to the LX - particularly the base of the windshield versus the front wheels (a telltale sign, the cowl/firewall position related to the front suspension). There were rumblings back then of Daimler talking to Fiat about developing a platform for Maserati. I think there's something here nobody will 'fess up to. There has been talk of Viper moving to a short M139 platform, which may be correct, but it might just be a full circle - LX > M139 > ZD."

While this is not the case for the current Viper, there might be plans for a completely different replacement ... or not. More likely, the car being developed was the new Quattroporte.







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