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My son used to work for a company called AutoGeek in Stuart. They sell car detailing products on the net and also conduct detailing "Boot Camps" that consist of a weekend long hands on seminar on detailing. I was able to get the Fury in there this past weekend and the "Teacher" and his 21 students who paid $750 tuition for the course, worked on finishing the paint. They did a 5 step process starting with 3000 grit machine pads, followed by 5000 grit machine pads, liquid compound, polish and finally a jeweling polish. The last step will happen later this week when they will wax or seal the paint. Here is a link to their work (they did 3other cars in this class,a Caddy Escalade, a 1940 Chevy and a Buick Grand National). Jim ... post865668
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