The Dodge Challengers Demon raised some hackles among some people, who — just as they did in 1970 — believe naming a car the Demon glorifies and aids the devil.

Dodge may be considering an answer to that problem — the Angel.

2018 Dodge Challenger Demon

So far, there’s absolutely no hint of what the Angel may be, but FCA US has reserved the trademark for motor vehicles and associated trim and parts. It could be a hybrid version of the Charger or Challenger, a new model (e.g. a Chrysler crossover with a plug-in hybrid option), a special edition with no major changes, or just a concept car.

A high-mileage Challenger, perhaps driven by a hybrid or the Hurricane four-cylinder turbo, would be a clever contrast to the 840-horsepower Demon.

Not all trademarks are actually used; many are abandoned, only to be found in the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office system  — the fate of at least one old Dodge Demon filing. A trademark that isn’t used in commerce fairly quickly is automatically “killed” by the Patent and Trademark Office, which is why Dusters are now sold by Renault and not Chrysler.