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The Chrysler Magnum in Brasil and Mexico

The Magnum name was used in different ways throughout the world. In the United States, it was attached to a Dodge version of the Chrysler Cordoba. In Mexico and Brazil, it was attached first to compact rear-drive cars, then to a K-car.

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Renato Cesar Pompeu showed us his Brasilian model, based on the Plymouth Valiant/Dodge Dart, which spawned new models from 1979-1981: Magnum (two doors), LeBaron (four doors), Dart, and Charger R/T. His model is a 1980 Dodge Magnum, made in Brasil, with a 318 cid engine, Edelbrock 650 CFM carb, Edelbrock performer RPM manifold, MSD 6A, Accel wires and spark plugs, and Crower cam, which he estimates is good for 350 HP.

Rodolfo Rodriguez wrote that the Mexican version was a two door Dodge diplomat with a Carter Thermoquad carburetor and a 360 cid HP (5.9L) engine (after 1974, Chrysler Mexico stopped making the 318 cid engine); unlike the American versions, which stopped getting the 360 around 1980, the Mexican version got the 360 rather than the 318. Brazil apparently got the 318.

Jorge Carlos Peña wrote: "Chrysler Mexico (formerly Fabricas Automex) built 318s until 1974, when it began the production of the 360, which was the only 8-cylinder option from then until the 1990s. From 1969 to 1973 we had a special version of 318 rated 270 HP gross [vs the standard 230 hp], and in Mexico the 318-4bbl version (Carter AVS and Thermoquad) was available since 1968. I have a Coronet 1968 that come with a 4bbl Carter AVS from the factory. The B engines were not available." Jorge also wrote that the 273 and 340 were not available in the Magnum; Héctor López noted that they were, however, available in the Barracuda.

Information and Photos By Lic. Leonardo Atilano Ponce

Magnums were sold in Mexico starting in 1981, with an 360 cid (5.9 liter) V-8 cylinder engine (the same one used by the 1975-80 Valiant Super Bees) and bucket seats.

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When the K cars arrived, the first Magnum was in 1983 and was called the "fastest car in Mexico," doing 0-100 kph in 10.4 seconds. The 1983-1985 models became squarish; in 1986 they were through a re-styling, with a more rounded fascia and rear end. My Magnum has:

  • 2.2 Turbo Engine
  • 5 speed Getrag Transmission
  • Goodyear 205/60/HR14 Eagle GT+4 tires
  • Monroe Sensatrack gas shock absorbers
  • 1988 model, twilight blue with gray
  • Recaro bucket seats

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Cars the Magnum was based on: Plymouth Valiant - Dodge Diplomat - Chrysler E Class/Plymouth Caravelle

Chrysler 1904-2018

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