There is an old saying that “the couple who plays together, stays together” and for Craig Keys and Dana Comber, the play that keeps them together involves their love of Mopar performance. Therefore, in this case, we have a couple that “Mopars” together and as a result, they have built a life around their passion for the automotive hobby.

As a car guy who is married to a car girl, I can tell you that there is truly no greater joy than being able to share your automotive passion with your significant other. Unfortunately, most guys spend their lives with women who couldn’t care any less what kind of quarter mile times their cars run, but the oh-so-unique car girls are out there.

One member of the Mopar community who has been fortunate to find himself a car girl is Craig Keys. If you are active in the Mopar social network community, you might recognize Craig and his road-racing Challenger Scat Pack.

Craig is an automotive engineer and I have had the pleasure of knowing him online for a few years now. From time to time, I turn to Craig with engineering-type questions and in speaking with him over the past few years, I have seen plenty of pictures of him and his lovely girlfriend – who happens to be a Mopar lover as well.

Her name is Dana Comber and earlier this year, she transitioned from being Craig’s girlfriend to being his fiancée, but more importantly for this story, the two of them recently traded in their Challenger Scat Packs for a pair of Widebody Hellcat Challengers.

A young couple who have built their relationship around their interest in high performance vehicles – first focusing on Scat Pack cars and now moving onto Widebody Hellcats – is like a match made in Mopar heaven.

Love stories don’t always fit in on an automotive site, but with the soon-to-be Keys family being all-Mopar, theirs is the perfect story to share on Allpar.

While the basic details of their lives together are enough for our Allpar readers to appreciate the relationship between two Mopar fans, I reached out to Craig for more information on their lives together and how they came to be this Hellcat-powered, high-performance couple. Below is their story.

Craig and Dana’s Story

We bumped shoulders in college, and we were in similar circles of friends but never formally knew one another.

In the summer of 2014, Dana and I met…we clicked & from that point on never parted. Throughout my entire life, I’ve been a car guy. I obtained my degree in mechanical engineering, focusing in automotive while taking time abroad to study automotive engineering in Germany. It’s a hobby, it’s a career & her and I met at a time when my entry into the car scene was blossoming from thought to reality. I had just purchased my first car, a 2009 Challenger R/T named Vader.

We spent many days tinkering around, cruising & learning how to tweak this new toy together. One day she admitted to me, she too was a car fanatic. I’ll never forget when she said, “I’ve always been interested in cars, but you’ve really brought it out of me.” We’d spend weekends at our local cars & coffee, taking pictures of our favorites and imagining what it would be like to have them. Fast forward down the timeline, after my own hesitation and her encouragement I traded my ’09 R/T and bought a ’15 Scat Pack named Roxy.

Soon after that, she purchased a ’16 Scat Pack. Many weekends were spent in the garage together, working on the cars…helping one another & diving into a hobby that strangely most couples don’t share. There were never fights about spending too much time in the garage, because we spent that time together.

Throughout our relationship, life has challenged us more than it should. Early on in our relationship, I lost my mother to cancer. Not long after, Dana lost her father to cancer and soon after that, my father also passed away. There was a certain passion for vehicles passed on from our parents and I believe at a deeper level that’s where it all stems from.

On the worst days, you could find us cruising with the windows down, , dialing in the cars on the tarmac or prepping for the next track day. It would be no surprise to find us together in the garage, at a local car event, at the drag strip, at the road course or at car shows.

Late in 2017, as we made our way to Road Atlanta for the weekend we stopped by our go-to dealership (just like Cheers, everyone knows your name lol) and made the decision to continue our pursuit in what we love, and we each ordered Widebody Hellcats.

Her Hellcat is octane red, highlighted w/ orange calipers & sepia seats…a tribute to her & her father’s deep standing love and passion for their Alma Mater, Virginia Tech. My hellcat is indigo blue, highlighted w/ red calipers & red seats…a tribute to the superman shirts my mother and I would wear while she was in the hospital.

On the 7th day of March, Dana would have another birthday and on our first true vacation together, I made a choice to ask Dana to marry me. She said yes.

A little over a month later, both of our cars arrived with sequential VIN numbers, and we picked them up that same day. Outside of our current Hellcats, we also have a 2018 Ram Rebel for the daily back & forth Mopar.

While it was hard to let go of our scat pack shakers, we’ve fallen in love with the hellcats and look forward to what journey they will lead us on. Dana’s dream car is a purple Viper ACR, hopefully one day we can add one to the arsenal. In our time together, we’ve run VIR, NCCAR, Road Atlanta, Charlotte Motor Speedway, Charlotte Oval & multiple drag strips together (and yes she’s beaten me multiple times lol).

I anticipate extending our track resume through the 2018 season. While it is somewhat unorthodox, Dana and I will be getting married in November of 2018 at Virginia International Raceway. In the morning prior to our wedding, we will be running the VIR grand west course.