Today, Microsoft announced that the 2018 Dodge Challenger SRT Demon will be available on the new racing simulator Forza Motorsport 7 for Xbox One.

The 840 horsepower Demon was not in the original list of vehicles, but it joins the lineup as part of the Fate of the Furious Car Pack along with nine other vehicles – two of which are Mopars.

There will be plenty of Mopars in the racing simulator game, including the Viper ACR and the Hellcat Challenger, but the Demon comes as a pleasant surprise. After all, the Demon is billed as the ultimate road-legal drag car, and Forza Motorsport 7 is a road racing game which focuses more on handling. Still, there are definitely cars on the game which handle far worse than the Demon; and gamers can modify the vehicles to be better at certain aspects, so Dodge fans playing Forza 7 (like me) will surely have some strong-handling 2018 Demons.

The 2018 Dodge Challenger SRT Demon joins Forza Motorsport 7 with 9 other vehicles from The Fate of the Furious, including the 1968 Dodge Charger, the 1971 Plymouth GTX and an array of other vehicles from other automakers – all of which have a unique exterior look, just like they looked in the movie.

The video below shows each of these vehicles in action, including an unflattering clip of the new Demon sliding off of the track and rolling through the grass. Past Forza Motorsport editions have had drag racing portions and if that option is available in FM7, the Demon should be a strong competitor in stock form – while a few changes to the wheels, tires and suspension will make this 840 horsepower Mopar muscle car a great road racer in the leading racing simulator.

The Fate of the Furious Car Pack is free for those folks who have purchased the Deluxe or Ultimate version of Forza Motorsport 7 while those people who bought the basic version of the game will have to pay $9.99 to get it.

Forza Motorsport 7 is not out yet, but it launches this Friday for those folks who bought the Ultimate version of the game. The Regular and Deluxe versions come out on Tuesday, October 2 nd and it sounds as though this car pack will be available for everyone as soon as they receive their copy. I will be playing the game on the 29 th and having tested the actual Demon on the road and on the drag strip, I look forward to seeing how well the Demon handles on the game.

Check out the video below for a look at all of the vehicles of the Fate of the Furious Car Pack for Forza Motorsport 7.