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The EEK! (Every Extended K) Cars

EEKs are those everyday, durable, interchangeable cars produced by Chrysler throughout the 1980s and 90s, the mainstay of their existence, the pride of Lee Iaccoca - any car based on the K platform, loosely interpreted to include the various extensions of the K - such as the Daytona, early Caravan/Voyager, Spirit, etc. (A full list is further down on this page).

Technically, the only K-cars were the Reliant, Aries, Limo, Executive, and LeBaron; but a wider group of cars with similar architectures and dimensions are lumped together as EEKs, and the public tends to refer to them as "K-cars."

The EEK group has an active EEK! forum. The edited and organized EEK articles and mailing list archives now contain:


Powertrain and electrical Other EEK car repairs

Instrument cluster failure: Joseph Kan wrote, "After checking fuses, I removed the IOD fuse from the fuse
box under the hood (to remove
power from the components that stay on when the key is removed, and to reset these components). I waited twenty minutes and replaced the
fuse. When I tried the ignition, everything worked!" (At a $500 savings over the dealer estimate) - confirmed by Fritz and Laurelyn Schrom (also saving $500) and by Gary A.

Maintenance, car care, and such


General EEK / K-Car Information

Relevant Allpar areas

Plymouth Reliant, Dodge Aries, Chrysler LeBaron

The original K cars! Aaron Gold's and Michael Swern's loving descriptions and history, with information for owners. Read about the cars that started it all.

Dodge Daytona and Plymouth Laser

Includes a detailed chronology, specs, performance and repair info, and maintenance tips. A well done and comprehensive page by Keith Knuth.

Chrysler Limousine and Executive

Interesting details on the stretch K-cars that have largely been lost in time.

Chrysler E Class and New Yorker, Dodge 600ES, Plymouth Caravelle

Chris Wax's history of the series, with details on each individual model and reviews - a well written, extensive page.

Super K: Dodge 400, 600 (and 600ES Convertible), Chrysler LeBaron

Craig Dunham's history of the 400, 600, and LeBaron coupes and convertibles based on the K-car (yes, it overlaps with the prior article, that's our fault).

Sundance, Shadow, and Duster

Comprehensive pages, with history, character, troubleshooting, upgrades, specs, and competitive comparisons

Shelby CSX

The ultimate Sundance - a true pocket rocket you could rent!

Spirit, Acclaim, LeBaron, Saratoga

A short history of these underrated family sedans, with performance information, specs, and production figures.

Dodge Spirit R/T

A history of the 224 hp four-door family sedans that broke all the rules with advanced technology and a 2.2 liter four cylinder engine.

LeBaron Coupe and Convertible

A brief history and description of these nicely styled cars, well written and with specifications.

Magnum (Mexico)

A very brief writeup with photos of the Mexican Magnum

Handling modifications

Ways to increase the handling of your EEK

Engine modifications

Get some more power

Minivans (page to come soon)

The Caravan, Voyager, and Town & Country - the first generation were EEK!s.

EEK Engines

2.2, 2.5, turbos, 3.0

Chrysler 1904-2018

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