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Yes. 100% yes.

Gasoline cars have soul because every automaker has their own engine, with their own design, their own firing order on the cylinders, their own sound and feel, they all make a unique product. Ford, Chevy, Dodge all coming at it from their own unique angle. That's THE thing that created the hype back in the 60s (and even before that)...can that guy's car outrun my car? What does HE have under the hood? The element of surprise. The element of individual personality.

When you go electric, everything has the same guts. Same type of battery, same type of motor, same everything. The only differences are how much voltage do you throw at those motors? It's going to be a boring life and it will zap (no pun intended) the soul and personality out of all these cars. Oh sure, they can augment the sound. They can change the shape of the body. But at the end of the day and EV is an EV.

Very sad day. We are the ones who got to witness the government take control of what people are allowed to have.
Like the iconic sound of a Harley because of the design of the engine.
1 - 2 of 8 Posts
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