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I still just can't believe that Dodge would immediately pull the plug on their most profitable cars, especially with Ford about to launch the S650 Mustang with a real V8 powertrain as a 2024 model and the strong possibility of an administration (and regulation) change the same year. I know the Mopar brands have been subjected to some terrible business decisions over the years but drawing a hard line and cutting off the Hemi V8 cars in 2023 seems very odd. Dodge and Jeep in particular have shown in recent years that they love to compete and stay ahead of the competition and this assumed decision seems like the exact opposite of that.
Could be any of a host of reasons to discontinue the Hellcat. Upcoming government rules or mandates, fuel efficiency restrictions, material or contractual changes with an outside supplier, changes in manufacturing plans or processes, outright replacement with something else (better?). If they know there is an absolute end date for a hot product, may as well announce it and drive demand up even further.
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