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The great disappearing K-car

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Wow, what a shock today!!

Off i went in search of a drivers side fender for my '86 600.

I am used to going top the local wreckers and having a choice of cars to pull parts from. As little as a month ago the local yard had at least five 'true' k-cars, Aries and Reliants.

Today there were a grand total of TWO, one '86 that someone had already snatched the drivers side fender and an '84.

To make a short story long, i ended up getting the fender from the '84. My thinking was that it's a least closer to the proper shape than the original one on my car was. Turns out it is really easy to modify the fender to fit :) I've cut and bent the '84 fender's front tip so it now clears the front facia on the '86. I've cut the spot welds to pull the front inner rienforcement off the '86 fender. Once that is welded onto the '84 fender I should be all set.

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There is none at the local yard, but 30 miles away from me there is a gold mine....the guy does not believe in crushing you can imagine all the K-car and cousins at that yard...plenty of 81-89 K-cars, about 30-40 of them.....
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