A few weeks back, we introduced you to the Hennessey-tuned Dodge Challenger SRT Demon, which had set the record for the quickest new Demon in the world. The initial record time was a 9.38 and that was achieved with help from the Hennessey HPE1000 tuning package, but that record number was quickly beaten when SRTMush ran a 9.313. Hennessey fired back today, publishing a video of their bright yellow HPE1000-equipped 2018 Demon laying down a stunning quarter mile time of 9.14 at 152 miles per hour.

Click here for a closer look at Hennessey’s initial record.

Click here for more information on SRTMush breaking the record.

The yellow Dodge Demon in the video below is equipped with the HPE1000 package. Since we first covered the Hennessey record, the information on the HPE1000 package has been updated, adding a 4.5-liter supercharger to the parts list. We previously did not mention that supercharger upgrade, but with it being added to the package information, we wanted to point it out here as well. Other new additions to the component list are a larger throttle body and an upgraded fuel system, while the lower pulley upgrade is no longer included in the package, but it does still include the long-tube headers, the high flow catalytic convertors and a custom engine tune.

On this record run, the TransBrake and Torque Reserve systems still are not being used, but traction appears to be better in this run compared to the previous record by Hennessey. As a result, it is able to cut its own best time from a 9.38 to a 9.14 – effectively setting the world record for the quickest modern Demon.

I fully expect to see SRTMush and his Demon at the track soon, looking to reclaim the record, but in the meantime, check out the video below of the Hennessey-tuned Dodge Challenger SRT Demon in action.