The team at Hennessey Performance has published video of a 2018 Dodge Challenger SRT Demon with their HPE1000 tuning package and, not surprisingly, it is the quickest quarter mile run that we have seen by the new Mopar machine thus far. While this car is obviously built, it is still the quickest new Demon in the world right now.

The Hennessey HPE1000 Package

In stock form, the 2018 Dodge Challenger SRT Demon delivers 840 horsepower and 770lb-ft of torque with the Demon Crate race gas PCM and based on what we have seen online, that translates to roughly 730-750 rear wheel horsepower and 680-700 lb-ft of torque. On the other hand, the HPE1000 package lifts the output at the wheels to 880 horsepower and 806 horsepower at the rear wheels. Based on a 15% drivetrain loss factor, the Hennessey-tuned Demon is making around 1,035 horsepower and 948 lb-ft of torque at the front of the transmission.

Update:The Hennessey website has updated their information on the HPE1000 package, adding a 4.5-liter supercharger to the parts list. We previously did not mention that supercharger upgrade, but with it being added to the package information, we have added it here as well. Other new additions to the component list are a larger throttle body and an upgraded fuel system, while the lower pulley upgrade is no longer included in the package, but it does still include the long-tube headers, the high flow catalytic convertors and a custom engine tune.

HPE1000 on the Track

In addition to the HPE1000 package, this particular Demon is fitted with aftermarket wheels and tires, but we don’t have any details on what rubber is helping to put the power to the ground. However, we know that it’s enough to make this the quickest Dodge Demon in the world to date, running s 9.38 at 146 miles per hour.

On this run, the TransBrake and Torque Reserve systems are not being used and traction is still a bit of an issue just past the point of launch, but it still ran the quickest quarter mile time that we have seen from the newest Mopar muscle car. On this run, it pulled a 1.45 60-foot time and once the driver starts working with the TransBrake and Torque Reserve system, we should see even lower numbers.

In the meantime, crank up your speakers and enjoy!