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The Mopar Jukebox: Chrysler Products in Music and Song

See also our "Mopars in Movies," "Mopars driven by celebrities" and "Mopars on television" pages.

Ewald Stein wrote: "A few years ago I came across a CD from a group or artist with the name Dodge." The CD shows a Dodge grille on the front and an Aries tail on the back; named Mutronic Injection, it includes the songs Slant Six, Ram Power, Funk Wheel Drive, Dodge City, and Tuned Car Mino.

Chryslers, Dodges, Plymouths, and Jeeps in music and song

Where the song is directly about the car

Beach BoysShut Down413 Super Stock Dodge gets beaten by fuel-injected Corvette.
See a more realistic outcome based on real-life races!
Boss MartiansBad-*** '71
Dodge Super Bee
"I run a 71 Dodge Super Bee
got a mean V8 on a dueled exaust with the magnum 383
Ain't got the red for the big R/T...
got a bad *** 71 dodge super bee..."
Bottle RocketsBuilding Chryslers

Not a complimentary song

DemonicsMopar or No Car(Not the same song Slant Six did; and the lead singer had a Super Bee featured in a Mopar magazine)Scrounge
(Album) PentastarAlbum cover: style of 'Cuda stripe
Jan & DeanLittle Old Lady from Pasadena

She drives a Dodge that beats all:
"Parked in her rickety old garage is
a brand new super stock Dodge,
and every one knows that there is nobody meaner
than the little old lady from Pasadena"

Relient K

(yes, this is

the spelling)
K-CarBand named after the Plymouth (song K-Car is about God)eaglecars, Hersbird
Sacred Squall of NowFiredomeSong named after the Firedome.
Melody based on firing pattern (1-8-4-3-6-5-7-2).
Slant SixMopar or No Car!See the videoCraig
Steve EarleCopperhead RoadNow Daddy ran the whiskey in a big block Dodge
Bought it at an auction at the Mason's Lodge
Johnson County Sheriff painted on the side
Just shot a coat of primer then he looked inside
Well him and my uncle tore that engine down
I still remember that rumblin' sound
Listen! FreeLantz
Trish LesterPlymouth BelvedereAlso the name of the album, but not particularly nice to the car - "Rusty, broken down, that car is killing my career, but to give it up would devastate my daddy dear, so I have to keep on driving my Plymouth Belvedere."RJB
Weird Al YankovicBelvedere CruisingAbout cruising in his Plymouth;
unreleased; recorded in 1976. Excerpts:

...No, I don't think that I could bear
Drivin' somethin' other than a Belvedere
In a Belvedere I can really get my thrills

Goin' Belvedere cruisin' tonight
Just watch me pass that Porsche on the right
I can take you anywhere
In my 1964 Belvedere
Goin' Belvedere cruisin' tonight

FreeLantz and Rich Hutchinson
Where the car just happens to be mentioned

AlvaradosDodge 440Song titleDOC
B-52sLove Shack"I got me a Chrysler, it seats about 20" - a 1965 Chrysler 300 convertible in the videoMark Schmit
B-52sPlanet Claire"She drove a Plymouth Satellite, faster than the speed of light"Kerryman
B-52sLegal Tender "It's time we bought the latest model getaway Jeep"
Barenaked LadiesIf I Had a Million Dollars"I would buy you a K car / a nice Reliant automobile"98T&C
Big SugarI'm a RamGordie Johnson's Charger is all over the band's albums, shirts, etc.hemiboy
BleachAgain, for the First Time (album)Cover has two Charger Daytonas racingTM1963
Bloodhound GangBoom"I'm in your Jeep Grand Cherokee or Land Cruiser"FreeLantz
Blues Brothers
(orig Delbert McClinton)
B Movie Boxcar BluesCaught a ride into South Dakota / With two girls in a light blue Desoto Scrounge
Bruce SpringsteenBorn to Run"Hemi powered drones scream down the boulevard"
("I like to think he's talking about a Super Bee
since a drone is a bee term.")
Bruce SpringsteenJungleland"Barefoot girls sitting on the hood of a Dodge..."
Bruce SpringsteenRamrodWell she's a hot-steppin' Hemi with a four on the floor / She's a Roadrunner engine in a '32 Fordb10alia
Bruce SpringsteenThe PromiseOuttake: "And I drove a Challenger down Route 9 / Well, now, I built that Challenger by myself / But I needed money and so I sold it"B10alia
Jimmy Buffet Fool Button "Was the Cordoba blue or red?"
C.W. McCall ("Convoy")Three or four songsMentions PlymouthFreeLantz
CakeShort Skirt Long JacketThe woman whom the song is about
"is trading her MG for a white Chrysler LeBaron"
CarsHeartbeat CityCover features a Plymouth 340 Duster very prominentlyGreyGhost67
Harry ChapinTaxi"We learned about love in the back of a Dodge."atlanticbluesxt
ClutchSpacegrassDodge Swinger nineteen seventy three, top down, chassis low; Panel dim, lightdrive, Jesus on the dashboard. Hit neutral in the tail of a comet, let the vortex pull my weight, push the seatback a little lower, watch light bend in the blower.Huertadevon
Corbin/HannerScooter, Michael, Danny, and MeGo cruising on weekends in a patched up old Plymouth, chip in for gas...
D.A. Sebasstian & The Inner DemonsHemi ChargerFeatured in the movie Hot Rod Girls Save The World
(listen to it!) (numerous mixes)
D.A. Sebasstian
David BowieYoung Americans"Lady's got a Chrysler"PaciMan
Dick DaleThe ScavengerHe enthusiastically sings about a Hemi, but the car is a Dodge Newport 426, when there was no such thing.single.deck
DieselSausalito SummernightWe left for Frisco in your RamblerScrounge
EminemBad Meets EvilSo please leave me with the keys to your Jeep EagleFreeLantz
Frank ZappaJoe's GarageBand practiced in a garage with a 1954 Dodge
Grateful DeadSugar Magnolia"Jump like a Willys in four wheel drive"A. Thom
Greg BrownSlant Six MindAlbum name is Slant Six MindDave
HaystakDown South PlayersOoh-ee the stee-lo, they know
Tennessee tags on the back of the Durango
DemonicsJesus Chrysler Super StockMatthew Gassner
DemonicsSuper Bee" my 383 Super Bee... ...she's so fine '69..."fidel 013
Fred Horn'73 Charger Starts UpAn album starts with ten seconds of a 1973 Charger starting (see iTunes, '73 Charger Pulls Away
Black Darkness White Sky Light
Iggy PopHome"We're gonna make it - in a Jeep"single.deck
Alan JacksonNeon Rainbow"... five pickers in an old Dodge truck, headin' out to Houston for a show on Saturday night."Frank Mobbs
Alan JacksonDrive" .....just an old worn out Jeep. Rusty old floorboards, hot on my feet"Frank Mobbs
Joe WalshOrdinary Average GuyMy friend's got a Chrysler /
I've got a Dodge
We're just ordinary average guys
Johnny CashThe General LeeI'm a Charger...Charging through the night...TM1963
Jonathan Richman and the Modern LoversDodge Vegematic"I just like to sit and watch it rot / Yeah, it's my Dodge Vegematic, there in the parking lot"Kerryman
Jonathan Richman and the Modern Lovers RoadrunnerThe song made famous by Joan Jett (she made many changes). Probably not about the Plymouth. Video shows 1950s cars being followed. "Roadrunner, roadrunner / Going faster miles an hour." Two cars appear to have been used for the sped-up video, one sees vintage cars, one sees modern ones. Another Road Runner song, also unrelated, released by Bo Diddley.Scrounge
KRS-OneSteady Bounce"Steady bouncing in Jeeps on the New York Streets" - used in the new Jeep Compass advertisementJeep JoAnne
Lyle Lovett Here I Am If Ford is to Chevrolet
What Dodge is to Chrysler
... What Hank Williams is to Neil Armstrong
Can you doubt we were made for each other
Lynyrd SkynyrdOutta Hell in my DodgeI'm gonna get outta Hell in my Dodge
Spend my life behind the wheel
Freedom made out of steel
Mark Wills19-Somethin'General Lee in videoJerry Simcik
Masta AceFat's BelvedereNot sureDave
Mental as Anything (Australian)Looking for BirdBought a Hemi Pacer in '74 ....
Reconditioned auto-missioned
drinks a gallon every mile
Mark Schmit
MinistryJesus Built my Hot RodCan't tell what he's saying in the song but there's a picture of a 440 Six-Pack on the cover.Spider597
Montgomery GentrySpeed (video)1969 Road Runner with incorrect tail-lightsJerry Simcik
Neil YoungMotor CityMy army Jeep is still alive
Got locking hubs and four wheel drive
Ain't got no radio, ain't got no mag wheels
Ain't got no digital clock
PlaymatesBeep Beep

While riding in my Cadillac,...
A little Nash Rambler was following me -
About one third my size.
The guy must've wanted to pass me up...
I pushed my foot down to the floor...
But the little Nash Rambler stayed right behind...
My car went into passing gear ...
The little Nash Rambler was right behind ...
Now we're doing a hundred and ten ...
The Rambler pulled along side of me...
The fellow rolled down his window
And yelled for me to hear,
"Hey, Buddy, how can I get this car
Out of second gear!"


"A B C D E F G H I gotta gal wears her toenails long.
Drives a red Barracuda, singin' meat packer songs
And she ain't from Kalamazoo.

A B C D E F G H I gotta friend lived in a Mercedes-Benz.
Then a 55 Chrysler where the trunk never ends/
And the plates say Kalamazoo."

"Unorthodox Neon"
Rascall FlattsMy Worst Fear (video)Challenger T/A and first-gen Sebring convertible
Red Hot Chili PeppersMe and My FriendsJacky's eyes are closed
but he's right on course
because he's guided by the invisible force

he drives a kooky green chrysler

bad as anybody's porsche
Rob ZombieTwo-Lane BlacktopA clean machine, a real home girl /
Barracuda, 68
Rob ZombieNever Gonna StopMentions a Durango which is a fictional car from Clockwork Orange, so it's only here to prevent misunderstandings.punkrockr3 /
Robert JohnsonTerraplane Blues(Terraplane was a Hudson model)Scrounge
RushWarpaint"and the Charger in the garage"fast98dodge
The Screaming Blue MessiahsJesus Chrysler Drives a Dodgecirca 1987ChargerGuy
Spice GirlsNot sureVideo shows them driving a Superbird donut, yrun4n
Steely DanGlamour ProfessionIn the middle verse they talk about leaving LA "and I drove the Chrysler."aerofan
Steve DahlDo you think I'm disco?Got rid of my 280Z / Picked myself up a
Beat up old '69 Dart
SurfarisBoss BarracudaSong about the fastback BarracudasDerek
Wally PleasantChrysler Cordoba(Name of song)Mr. LH
Talbot TagoraAny song, reallySeattle punk band named after Chrysler-Europe Talbot TagoraAndrew Buc
T. RexJeepster John
Webb WilderHow Long Can She Last (Going That Fast)Her Daddy bought her
a baby blue Duster
when she turned seventeen
Her daddy was a
fool to trust her
that was one little mean machine
Lord you need horse sense
to handle horse power
Momma should have intervened
the speedometer said
One-twenty in the red


She burned by
at a million miles an hour
makin' those pine trees sway
Rich Hutchinson
ZekeMy Hemi Cuda single.deck
ZZ TopMexican BlackbirdDriving a Chrysler down to MexicoFreeLantz

Lots of rappers featured Chrysler 300s in their videos when they had first come out.

The Rentals had a green 1972 Plymouth Valiant squealing its tires and leaping through the air, with a Dukes-of-Hazzard landing shot, in one video.

Deborah Allen drove a 1972-74 Barracuda in the video for "If You're Not Going to Love Me" in the early-mid 90s.

See also our "Mopars in Movies," "Mopars driven by celebrities" and "Mopars on television" pages.

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I've got of somewhat obscure songs from a "Shoegaze" band.
"Supercharged" by the Miss Alans. A taste of some of the lyrics...
"440 Coronet, that’s your name and
The red pinstriped heels and silver paint
Shinin’ like a pearl
In the days when we were Supercharged!"

Another one by them... "Mag Wheel"...
"426 full blown Hemi... Feel the sound when the motor hums... feelin' like a junkie born"

I find these songs sound really good to the ears.
Of course, I've never followed the crowd when it comes to music. My taste would be considered... eclectic.
No classic rock here. Even though I could be consided "old". ☺
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