What were the most popular Allpar stories for 2017?

First, and we attribute this at least partly to the name, was the Hellcrate engine — 707 horsepower for classic cars . This was an exciting story to run, and we have to thank the Mopar people for sending it our way ahead of time.

Hellcrate: Hellcat crate engine

Next, surprisingly, was a story on the colors of the Dodge Demon . This was a bit of a surprise because it actually was more popular than the launch of the Demon itself , or the price of the Demon , for that matter.

Next down the list, we have the Challenger Hellcat Widebody launch. Other Hellcat stories included showing the “ Dodge Challenger Demon” pics on Instagram (at #7), the Dodge Angel rumor (#9), and a story (#10) on buyers of burned Demons getting a personal call from the head of Dodge . The Demon stories were  all written by Patrick Rall.

The sixth most popular story was about Ram leaving the “big rig” look (first seen in 1994) behind, and a peek inside the 2019 Ram 1500 .

What about the most-read Allpar stories of all time? Those honors go to “a new 2011 Dodge Charger rendering ” and “ 2016 Jeep Grand Cherokee changes .” We’re not quite sure why. The Hellcrate story comes in at #5 on the all-time list.

This story was based on WordPress’ internal statistics.