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The new standard of the world?

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Being sarcastic here. But over the years MB presented the new E-Class (and/or S-Class) as the new standard of the world. Which has often meant that other automakers follow. Personally, I don’t get this desire of bringing the digital home/office into the car. Or has our traffic become so bad we are now sitting more than driving? For me it is not just the increased prices but also the addition of in my opinion useless features and way too much high tech that keeps me uninterested in new cars. A new standard of gimmicks?

Where I do think Chrysler did miss the mark is having a version of the Pacifica that is a miniature R/V. If I am not mistaken one of the early minivans had a seating configuration to turn the rear seats into some sort of bed…
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I don't like Mercedes' direction. Imagine that hyperscreen driving at night. They've become way too gimmicky.
Even the smaller Uconnect screen in my 22 Ram doesn't get dark enough at night.
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