You may recently have been stunned by General Motors’ rather tasteless and uglified next-generation Silverado HD. Ram is moving in a somewhat new direction, and is also going for the “our grille is bigger than yours” look, but in a much more dignified, refined manner.

These photos reveal a new Ram which, unsurprisingly, has been carefully thought out by the designers. The fuselage-type sides are unsurprising, and the massive gaps for the wheels possibly indicate a special off-road version; but overall, it’s less dramatically tasteless than upcoming Chevy or current Ford efforts.

The crosshair grille is completely gone now; it had a last vestige in earlier grilles, with a subtle narrow vertical section and a thicker bar through the middle. However, the “big rig” drop-fender style, long ago copied by competitors, remains.

There are actually two versions of the grille, and the second one can be rationalized as having a crosshair; whether both will be produced, or neither, or just one is unknown, but most likely we will see both, depending on the trim level. Again, the truck has a finished look that separates it from the more aggressive and perhaps desperate stylings of competitors. But don’t just take our biased word for it, look at the original TheTruthAboutCars article for their opinions.

It was apparently a serious “let’s show off our future trucks before the press release is out” day for Ram; just about every style was shown, sucking the wind out of the usual process of ever-more-revealing spy shots.  You are seeing here a Limited, Limited MegaCab, Laramie Longhorn, and Bighorn.

Eagle-eyed readers have already seen the RamBox on the black truck. A Power Wagon is likely to follow a few months after the more mainstream models.

The first auto show for these trucks is likely in January, in Detroit. If they miss Detroit, try Chicago, a month later; Chicago’s absolutely massive auto-show real estate would provide space for plenty of pickups. (Photos are licensed from Brian Williams of Spiedbilde.)