Last year, Guangzhou Automobile Group created a new Trumpchi brand. Now, according to Bloomberg , FCA, Toyota, Honda, and Mitsubishi will all sell the same car under their own brands, while keeping the Guangzhou logo.

trumpchi gs4, the next Dodge or Fiat?

China has been trying to make its air and water less toxic; its new regulatory emphasis on electric cars may be part of that, or a way to favor domestic automakers, who are more competitive in electrics than gasoline or diesel engines.

All four companies are rebadging the GS4. Toyota and Mitsubishi will sell the electric version, and Mitsubishi will also do a PHEV and conventional hybrid; Honda and FCA are only doing the hybrids. Mitsubishi does have its own PHEVs, making their part of the move a bit odd, but FCA has so far only rolled out PHEVs in the pricey Pacifica.

trumpchi GS4 - to be sold by Dodge?

Cost is likely a major reason for using the GS4; in full-electric Mitsubishi (Eupheme) trim, it will cost just $20,000. Going for the Toyota ix4 adds under $4,000.

Since FCA does not comment on upcoming vehicles, we only have Bloomberg’s word on the upcoming GS4 variant. FCA has  Dodge and Chrysler  in China, along with the other brands, but we think it will end up as a Dodge and a Fiat. Dodge has only the Journey crossover in China, and it sells for less than half the price of the 300C or Pacifica.

They still make it, but there’s just one horizontal bar in the grille now. Indeed, there is also a Fiat Ottimo version. Neither sells well.

Given that lonely product line, there is no Charger, Challenger, or Durango to dilute by selling a low-priced, low-powered Trumpchi. A Fiat version would also make sense, joining the 500, two Dart derivatives (Viaggio and Ottimo), and the other Fiats. (The cheaper Fiats cost around one quarter the price of the cheapest Chrysler.)

Guangzhou has manufacturing joint ventures with FCA and Toyota, from the long period when foreign automakers could not own their own factories.

Chances are this is a temporary move, albeit one good for Guangzhou and its new-ish Trumpchi brand. It only sold 6,707 GS4 hybrids from January through September 2018, and at that it was one of the best selling gas-electric hybrids in China.

Story from Bloomberg.