Here’s a Ram 1500 caught by KGP Photography, testing out the split tailgate system Allpar reported on quite a while back.

Ram 1500 split tailgate

KGP wrote, “A few years ago,  discovered Chrysler/Dodge/Ram patents for a multifunctional tailgate design that is split down the middle, allowing the tailgate halves to open horizontally (barn-door style), while also enabling it to fold downward in a single piece—like a traditional pickup’s tailgate.  Combining all of the possible maneuvers, the new Ram tailgate would allow for eight different configuration combinations, for maximum flexibility.”

If you want a better idea of what it looks like in use, check out the patent drawings...

2016 ram tailgate

Update: it appears that there is some sheet metal that overlaps the center gap, so the photographed tailgate could be a 50/50 split.   See the full 2019 Ram 1500 page .