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The Roadkill and Fast N Loud Hellcat Hemi Swap Cars Up Close

by Patrick Rall


While many have watched the videos pitting the Roadkill Dodge Charger against the Fast N Loud Dodge Dart, the details on those cars have been surprisingly short, along with pictures of the engine bays and interiors. I was able to fill in the gaps on these high profile, Hellcat-powered Mopar muscle cars, featured in the Woodward festivities.

Roadkill General Mayhem

First up, we have General Mayhem, built by the crew of Roadkill. This 1968 Dodge Charger was originally built with an old Mopar 440 big block out of a motor home, but for the match race with the guys from Fast N Loud, this rugged looking Charger got an engine swap that introduced Hellcat power to the classic Mopar muscle car.


The General Mayhem Dodge Charger is powered by a 6.2L supercharger Hellcat Hemi modified simply with a 250 horsepower NOS nitrous oxide setup, but the engine is otherwise stock. From the electronics to cooling to all of the actual engine components, the Hellcat Hemi in General Mayhem is the same as those in the production Challenger and Chargers - minus the nitrous, of course.


All of that Hellcat power is sent to the rear wheels via the same 8-speed automatic transmission that comes in the Dodge Challenger and Charger, although the Roadkill team did use a Ford 9" rear end due to short term availability. This rear has 35 spline axles, it is spooled, and it has 3.70 gears. Lightweight rims wrapped in Hoosier Quick Time Pro DOT drag radials measuring 31x13.50x15 give the Charger a reason for that big, beefy rear differential.


The interior is gutted and with the comfy interior bits went pretty much everything that you don't need to go fast in a 1968 Dodge Charger, including the side and rear glass, the bumpers, the lights and, well, everything else you see missing in the pictures here.


The result of this build is a Charger that weighed around 3,880lbs with the driver running well into the 10 second range on a relatively unprepped track…without the nitrous. The nitrous was added when the engine went in, but the team did the early test runs without the nitrous, simply to see how the car would handle the power without major chassis improvements. Once they knew that the car would go straight without the bottle, they were ready to turn on the gas for the match race with the guys from Fast N Loud.


Fast N Loud Shart Cat

The 1967 Dodge Dart, which Richard Rawlings so eloquently labeled the Shart Car, was also powered by a Hellcat Hemi, but the Gas Monkey team opted to go with a 2-speed GM Powerglide transmission fitted with a trans-brake and a 9 inch racing torque convertor rather than the eight speed.


The Gas Monkey Dart was actually a fabricated chassis car from the firewall back, with a full lightweight aluminum floor and wheel tub area that really made the Dart more of a drag car than a street car budget built for drag racing. The Shart Cat also had a race-ready four link suspension setup and much bigger rear tires.


Finally, while the Fast N Loud car didn't run any nitrous, they did run E85 and a different crank pulley for increased boost.


Head to Head Battle

The Fast N Loud Dodge Dart showed up to the Detroit Roadkill Nights event looking like a full blown race car built with an unlimited budget, while the Roadkill Charger looked like a legitimate budget build with no frills. In the end, the Dart crushed the Charger in an eighth mile race, but it shouldn't come as much surprise since it was a custom built racing car while the Charger was adapted from stock.


The Charger had the advantage in power with the nitrous, but the Dart had a better suspension and bigger tires to get down the loose and bumpy 8th mile track, while also weighing somewhere between 800-1000 lb less. The Fast N Loud crew won the race, but the General Mayhem Dodge Charger earned far more respect from the Mopar community in the battle of the baddest Hellcat Hemi swap into a classic Mopar muscle car.


See the videos

Watch the videos pitting the Roadkill Dodge Charger against the Fast N Loud Dodge Dart.

More photos





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