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I'll probably jinx myself for writing this, but it has been enough years that I don't remember the last time I suffered a serious enough tire failure that a can of tire sealant and an air compressor wouldn't have gotten me back on the road to where I could get a proper repair.

The last flat I had that I couldn't get to the tire store to get it fixed without removing the wheel was in our 2008 Grand Caravan at a Texas Rangers game with a van load of people to get home and the cargo area full of ice chests. The space saver spare replaced the flat tire, but I was then left with a very dirty space saver spare cover and a dirty flat full size tire that doesn't fit in the spare tire hole and no good place to put it. A friend wound up putting it in his car's trunk so I could pick it up from him later. I'm pretty sure I would have been better off with a can of tire sealant and an air compressor.

When we bought new tires for our 2003 Grand Caravan, we bought a steel wheel and mounted one of the take offs so we had a "real" spare instead of the compact spare. If we had the 2003 GC at the Ranger's game, the dirty flat tire wouldn't have been a problem. But that's not an option with the Stow and Go Seats, where there is only room for a compact spare.

The new Grand Caravans are not coming with even a space saver spare (and the space saver spares are not an option now because of a CAFE problem Chrysler is having). My first reaction was I'd have to buy a compact spare, a jack, tire tools, cover, etc. But after thinking about it, we usually are not on deserted country roads, much less off-road. And my Pontiac G8 came without a spare and it's not been a problem in over five years.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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