For the last five to six years, there have been rumors of a turbocharged, six cylinder engine being tested in multiple variations at Auburn Hills.  Some of those rumors really heated up when the Maserati Ghibli came with a twin-turbocharger V6 that shared some common components and a basic family architecture with the Pentastar V6.

maserati ghibli v6

After the release of the Ghibli, there were sketchy reports of twin turbocharged V6 engines being tested in everything from Ram trucks to Chargers.  The the rumors began to cool off, with the common theme that the packaging was too tight, and there were  some credible rumors that this engine was canceled.

More recently, there have been rumors of an inline six based on the upcoming Tigershark/GME family of four cylinder engines.  These started heating up thanks to some clever snooping by US and Euro insiders.  This seemed logical given the smooth nature of an inline engine, and because several European competitors were moving to inline sixes in competitive vehicles.

Throughout all this, a few “insiders” kept noticing that there seemed to be a mix of information regarding the upcoming six cylinder and some noticed that the engine was called both inline and V depending on where information was being sourced from.  The only thing we know for sure is that a turbocharged six cylinder is coming; and it might be just around the corner.  The question is, have people noticed that certain “insiders” on the Allpar forums have recently stopped referring to the exact configuration of the engine and have simply been calling it a six cylinder engine when talking about it?

Although Allpar does believe it knows what is coming in the future, we are not at liberty to tell you at this time...  but you are welcome to try to read between the lines.  We can tell you that FCA is working in-house to design some surprising new engines and transmissions that we will see sooner rather than later.  The Pacifica’s Si-EVT hybrid transaxle and the mild-hybrid 2019 Ram are two examples of innovative, in-house-designed systems that seemed to stun a lot of people.  This is just the beginning of a lot of surprises to come.

By the way, the Hemi has a few more surprises in store...  But we will save that nugget for another discussion. :)