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I have dealt with three good car salesman in my time, and it was night and day from the usual crowd. Thing is, I can't tell 'em apart at first, but you sure can tell the difference as the deal continues.

One was the son of the dealer co-owner, I don't know if he counts. One was at Buhler & Bitter in Hazlet, and one was at a certain competing dealership in Flemington.

Actually there were probably other good salespeople I met when shopping, but I didn't buy from them in the end — not because of them, but their cars.

Most were atrocious. I know I live in an area that is pretty bad for car dealerships.

It's the same with service.

The awful people one meets drown out the good ones.

There's a reason why car dealers and Congress are always competing for last place in reputation, but that doesn't mean there are not good, honest car dealers and Congressmen.
1 - 2 of 12 Posts
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