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The Viper and Laguna Seca

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Just read the Mt article on the Viper TA. Pretty good, but they hide the fact that they ran a thrashed pre-prod Viper, against a "ringer 'Vette, in the previous test, then they claim, that "We forced them build it". Though they mention it, they fail to say how much is left in the Viper, when it switches from the Corsa's, to Pirelli's super glue Pilot Spoprt beaters (sometime next year?). Typical MT.

What really struck me was the little sidebar about fastest production cars At Mazda Raceway Laguna Seca. Of the top ten...


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My technology won't allow me to edit. They also ran the TA on shaved ans heated racing slicks. It ran 1'30.78". That is fast, and gives us an idea of the neighborhood and company the ACR, will keep.
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