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In the last few days I have been reading on this site and other web locations about the DDCT (dual dry clutch transmission) that will debut on the 2013 Dodge Dart later this year. I understand the technology and the efficiency gains that can be made with a manual transmission over the traditional fluid drive automatic.

However I am wondering how thermal heat generated from slipping dry clutches in this new transmission will be handled to prevent reliability issues. In a typical automatic the clutches are bathed in transmission fluid. The fluid is routed through a heat exchanger and cooled to prevent overheating and premature wear. Of course this is inefficient as energy is being wasted in the form of heat.

With the dual dry clutch technology I see no provision for dissipating heat. Is there something programmed into the transmission shift logic from preventing this from happening?

You can go online and search about dual dry clutch technology. Ford uses it in a unit called Power Shift and there have been numerous complaints about poor shift quality some of which is probably perception by the driver. But also I have seen reports where overheating of the clutches is causing problems. Just wondering if anyone has heard or has knowledge how Fiat will handle this potential problem with the DDCT.
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